CRC Promoted Products

Cosmotec Feedthroughs

Cosmotec makes the highest quality products, including hermetically-sealed ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs, Coaxial and multipin connectors, Double-ended connectors, Floating coaxial connectors, Ceramic chambers, Thermocouple, High Voltage and High Current, Isolator flanges and Ceramic isolator flanges.


UHV Leakvalves - Gas Dosing Valve

The UHV Leakvalve is both a shut-off device and a control valve to control a gas flow. It is available in manual, motor driven and pneumatically controlled versions all of which can be baked due to their all-metal construction.

UHV Leakvalve

Tri-Sphere Positioning System

The Tri-Sphere six degree-of-freedom positioning system is capable of adjusting an object's location in space with exceptional accuracy, precision and resolution.



CRC is the representative for Toyama in both Europe and North America.

Toyama is a Japanese engineering company making ultra-precision systems for experimentation at the cutting edge of science.