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Carl Richardson

Dr Carl Richardson

I studied materials science at Cambridge University and this allowed me to work with a wide range of analytical instruments including electron microscopes, microprobes and field ion microscopes. This fired an interest in vacuum instrumentation and technology that has remained with me all my working life. Like Frances I started my career at Daresbury laboratory, firstly as a post doc doing surface EXAFS experiments and then as a crew member on the operating team of the synchrotron. I then worked for several companies in the VG group ending up at Vacuum Generators in Hastings. At Vac Gen I held a number of positions including development manager and was involved in a wide range of vacuum projects from synchrotrons to gate valves.

I started CRC in 2007 to try and fulfil a desire to get away from company politics and back to working more closely with vacuum instrumentation and the scientists and engineers who develop new technology. It’s going well so far!


Frances Richardson

Frances Richardson

I started my career in IT support at the Daresbury Laboratory working on the Data Acquisition support team for the SRS for over 6 years. I then moved to work for Digital Equipment Corporation as a software engineer working on directory systems. Later, to fit in with family life I worked in schools as an IT Technician and Network Manager, where the work varied from hardware support to web design and training of staff and students.

I joined Carl in CRC at the start of 2011 and have been involved in web site design and technical writing.