Toyama Synchrotron

Synchrotron Beamline Components

Toyama has developed an extensive range of components and systems for synchrotron beamlines and front ends. These include high heat load front end components, slits, mirror systems and beam monitors. They have also delivered a number of complete beamlines to Synchrotrons in Europe and the Far East.

Soft x-ray mono

Soft x-ray monochromator

Soft X-ray

Toyama has delivered many soft x-ray monochromators over the last 10 years, Variable Line Spacing PGM and Variable Included Angle PGM instruments, as well SGM and other geometries. Standard systems can be modified to customers requirements.

Toyama also constructs both standard and bespoke soft x-ray end stations. Standard designs include ellipsometers for polarisation analysis of soft x-rays, reflectometers, diffractometers and electron spectroscopy systems.

Hard x-ray mono

Hard x-ray monochromator


Hard X-ray

More recently Toyama has developed a new range of Double Crystal Monochromator. High stability and excellent resolution are key aspects of the new monochromator and this, coupled with careful thermal design with high cooling capacity, results in the DCM, a state-of-the-art instrument for hard x-ray beamlines.

Toyama has also developed a range of components for XFEL beamlines including monochromators and mirror systems. Working with XFEL sources demands new levels of precision and stability from the mechanisms, together with the requirement to operate in a true UHV environment.

More information about these and other products from Toyama can be found on the Toyama website. Alternatively email to discuss your requirements.