UHV Leakvalve - Gas Dosing Valve

The Nenion UHV Leakvalve is both a shut-off device and a control valve to control gas flows in all vacuum ranges from low to high and up to ultrahigh vacuum. It is available in manual, motor driven and pneumatically controlled versions, all of which can be baked due to their all-metal construction.

The Technical Specification applies to all versions of the Leakvalve.

Manual Leakvalve

Manual Leakvalve

Handwheel driven to adjust the gas flow. The stroke from open to closed position is divided into 10 turns of the handwheel. The axial stroke is 10mm, the maximum closing torque 5 Nm. A vernier can be added to allow exact monitoring of the position.

Motor driven Leakvalve

Motor Driven Leakvalve

Stepper motor driven to allow automation of the gas dosing process. Gas flow can be adjusted via and analog signal (0-10VDC) or via a pc with an RS-232 interface.

Pneumatic Leakvalve

Pneumatically Driven Leakvalve

Pneumatically operated with closing spring and with an adjustable stop for the open position. The valve moves within less than one second from closed to the adjusted position.