Tri-Sphere Positioning System

Square One’s patented six degree-of-freedom positioning system is capable of adjusting an object’s location in space with exceptional accuracy, precision and resolution. Unlike conventional manipulators, the range of motion in the horizontal plane is entirely decoupled from its vertical range. As a result, it is possible to create low profile support systems with unusually large horizontal or asymmetric work envelopes. The design’s inverse kinematic equations provide a flexible method for positioning and orienting an object relative to any point in space.

The system has been scaled to be used in the positioning of both large and heavy items as well as very small precision alignment. The product range includes:

Tri-sphere heavy jack

Heavy Lift Support and Alignment System

Square One’s Heavy Lift Support and Alignment Systems are specifically designed to address the needs of nuclear and high energy physics. These systems are ideal for supporting magnets, RF cavities, optical tables or detectors. Heavy loads are not a problem – even the largest lattice elements can be accommodated – and systems can be customized for almost any geometry or work envelope.

Tri-sphere Compact

Compact Positioning System

The Compact Positioning System provides the same positioning flexibility as the Heavy Lift counterpart, but in a condensed package that will fit easily in an experimental station. These six degree-of-freedom mechanisms are designed for positioning samples within an X-ray or neutron beamline, and their payload capacity provides the user with the option of integrating a small environmental chamber so that the sample can be tested under specific conditions.

Tri-sphere Mini

Miniature Positioning System

The Miniature Positioning System is a small, six degree-of-freedom positioning mechanism designed to align small samples, for example, within x-ray diffraction experiments. Piezo-electric actuators are used to create the prismatic joints and result in extremely small six-axis positioners with nanometer level precision.