UHV Leakvalves - Technical Specification

This specification applies to all versions of the leakvalves, manual, motor driven and pneumatically controlled.   

leak diagram

In the range of turn 0 - 3 the diaphragm
does not touch the valve seat. Due to
physical reasons, control between
10 E-9 And 10 E-10 is not possible, if
used at room temperature (red range
in the diagram). In this case the valve
is tight approx at turn 9 to 10. Control
in this range is possible if the valve
is heated.

Maximum throughput is 60 mbar.l/s


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Material housing316L
Material diaphragm316L, gold plated
Material outside of vacuum304, protected steel
Lifetime100,000 cycles until first service
Mounting positionany
   handoperated CF 16/161.6 kg
   handoperated CF 35/162.2 kg
   handoperated VCR1.5 kg
   motor drivenmanual + 2.3 kg
   pneumatically operated NCmanual + 8.6 kg
Internal pressureVacuum to 10 bar
Pressure difference10 bar from each side
Baking temperatures:
   Valve open450°C
   Valve closed or operable300°C
Tightness housing1.10 E-10 mbar.l.s-1
Tightness valve seat1.10 E-10 mbar.l.s-1
Dead volumes:
   Main flange side1.0 - 1.4 cm3
   Side flange side4.6 cm3
Turns of the handwheel10
Operating time motor driven10 seconds for the whole range
Compressed air pneumatic cylinder4 - 9 bar overpressure