Tri-Sphere Positioning System

Miniature Positioning System



The Miniature Positioning System is a small, six degree-of-freedom positioning mechanism designed to align small samples within x-ray diffraction experiments. The Tri-Sphere's prismatic joints are created from miniature piezo-electric actuators producing an extremely compact six-axis positioner with nanometer level resolution. This is ideal for aligning small samples relative to an X-ray beam and for rotating the samples while gathering data.

Compact Tri-Sphere

It provides +/- 10 mm of travel in all three translational degrees of freedom, pitch and roll of +/- 20° and yaw of +/- 18°. The basic device fits inside a 250mm X 250mm X 250mm cube but can be scaled and customized to meet specific customer needs. The System can be configured for operation under ambient conditions, or under high vacuum and cryogenic conditions.

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