Toyama Analytical Instruments



Surface Analysis

The Focused Ion Beam Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (FIB-TOF-SIMS) sets the standard for TOFSIMS ion imaging of surfaces. The system can produce ion images with 30nm lateral resolution. The focused ion beam source can also be used to prepare samples by ion milling.

The addition of laser post-ionisation allows detailed analysis of neutrals and organic species. The system can also be fitted with a 10 nm resolution electron column to provide high resolution SEM imaging.

Control of the instrument is through a Windows-based user interface gives complete control of all instrument parameters.

The image on the left shows a sample being loaded into the FIB-TOF-SIMS system.


Environmental Analysis

Toyama has participated in government scientific research programs that have resulted in development of analysis equipment for measuring low levels of atmospheric contamination. The Jet Cooling Resonance Enhanced Multi-Photon Ionisation (Jet-REMPI) Mass Spectrometer and the Laser Ionisation Compact Analyzer Mass Spectrometer (LICA-MS) result from this work.

The Jet-REMPI system can achieve parts per billion sensitivity in a wide range of samples. The portable LICA-MS systems, shown on the left, allow measurements on site and in real time.

More information about these and other products from Toyama can be found on the Toyama website. Alternatively email to discuss your requirements.