UHV Leakvalve - Motor Driven

Manual valve

The stepper motor driven valve allows automation of the gas dosing process. The gasflow can be adjusted via an analog signal (0 - 10VDC) or via PC with a RS232 interface. The stroke is divided into 1,000 steps. When controlled via RS232, this resolution can be increased.

Pressure in all vacuum areas from low, fine and high to ultrahigh vacuum is possible using the stepper motor driven UHV Gasdosing Valve closed loop control of gas flow.

The stepper motor is equipped with a planetary gear designed to work for long periods and at high temperatures. An electric switch reports the closed end position. A thermal resistance ensures that the valve body stays at 300°C, while the actuator does not exceed the allowed 150°C. Thermal insulation of the actuator is not necessary. The whole control range of the valve takes only ten seconds operating time.

Scope of delivery includes: Power cable, RS-cable, all plugs, 5m motor cable. 

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Motor driven valve


Motor driven valve


Motor driven valve


Motor drive controller

Controller for motor driven valves


a) Leakvalve CF 16 rotatable flanges
b) Leakvalve CF 35 / 16 rotatable flanges
c) Leakvalve VCR 1/4"

Stroke Resolution1000 steps (can be increased for RS232 control)
Operating time for the whole stroke     10 seconds
Power Supply230VAC/110VAC
Operating ModesManual (open/close switch)
Analog (0-10VDC)
RS232 (serial interface)
Motor Cable5m (expandable up to 20m)
Serial Cable5m
Power cable2.5m